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Dwayne Lyle

Chief Revenue Officer, Cloudelligent

For Cloudelligent, CoreStack Assessments has been a game changer. It has reduced the internal costs to deliver a Well-Architected Review and automated many of our manual activities, ensuring our customers are always well-architected. Ultimately it has improved the customer experience and differentiated us from other AWS Well-Architected Partners who deliver reviews in a more traditional way.

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  • Support for hyperscaler frameworks + custom, reusable frameworks
  • Multi-cloud support, including AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Scalability features, including multi-level hierarchy and identity isolation
  • A clear, centralized workflow
  • Automated issue detection and recommendations
  • Powerful collaboration features
  • Comprehensive evidence tracking and assessment reporting

CoreStack Assessments

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

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Susan Bone

Advertising Director at Agency

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James Cohen

Sales Manager at Brand

What can CoreStack Assessments do for you?

Enables fast, reliable assessments that deliver value to your customers quickly

Gives partners new levels of assessment scalability, flexibility, and consistency

Provides more robust capabilities than cloud-native tooling or competitor solutions

Allows partners to differentiate their services and generate new business opportunities

Welcome to the only purpose-built platform that streamlines and scales the multi-cloud assessment process for MSPs, VARs, and SIs, whether against Amazon WAF, Azure WAF, Google CAF, or custom frameworks.  

As part of our GA release of CoreStack Assessments, we’re now offering product demos that qualify you for a free assessment for one of your customers – a $1,000 value!

Integrates seamlessly with CoreStack Governance for a platform approach to cloud governance

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Helps customers embrace cloud best practices in the most efficient way possible 

What features do you get with CoreStack Assessments?