FinOps Assessment

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.


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Examity Saves $1.5 Million in Cost Savings within 2 months of Deploying CoreStack

What the Free Assessment Provides You

CoreStack FinOps Assessment is a free, comprehensive assessment that provides: 

  • Deep actionable insights into cost drivers and includes real-time cost anomaly findings
  • Detailed analysis of resource utilization and provides recommendations for cost optimization
  • Budget forecasts, trend analysis, as well as the pre-defined tagging standards and show-back/charge-back reports

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

Do you wish to discover deep actionable insights and opportunities for cost optimization that can completely change the cloud game for your enterprise? Sign up for this free comprehensive FinOps Assessment today!

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

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As we were migrating to the AWS cloud, we were looking for an equally innovative and customer-centric technology partner to solve the challenges of security and scale. CoreStack’s AI-powered continuous and autonomous cloud governance was just that perfect solution in our digital transformation journey. CoreStack rapidly helped us achieve future-ready robust cloud governance.

We were able to realize cost savings of $1.5 million amounting to a reduction in cloud costs by over 40% within 2 months of implementing CoreStack. This is impressive value from any new implementation. Thanks to this significant cost savings, we were able to retain jobs and scale opportunities globally, especially during this vulnerable time of the pandemic.

Shailu Tipparaju

CTO Examity 

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Susan Bone

Advertising Director at Agency

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The Benefits with the CoreStack FinOps Approach

Detailed Cost and Utilization Reports

Get drilled down cost, utilization reports across cloud, accounts, region, resources, tags etc.

Cost Saving Recommendations

Receive cost saving insights for idle, under-utilized, and orphaned resources.

Budget Forecasts and Trend Analysis

Get in-depth insights on trends and plan your budget forecasts effectively.

Chargeback and Showback Mechanism

Achieve resource consistency for accurate cost allocation with smart tag management.